Jazz vs Blazers

The Utah Jazz lost to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Salt Lake City Mayoral race

Covered Mayor Ralph Becker's election party and we are still waiting to find out who is Salt Lake's mayor.

Fall Colors in Liberty Park

Utah over Arizona State

Nice rainy night at Rice Eccles Stadium.

Fall colors

Got some flying time in today on Chopper 5. We went up over Park City and around the ski areas.
The colors are good this year. Not as good as years past, but hey, we live in a beautiful place!

Sunset from the Freeway

Just had to pull over and make a few photos of the sunset, this was a couple months ago though.

Here is another.

Two days of wildlife

I came across these two photos during my driving over the last two days.

May the 4th

Here are some of my collection from when I was  young. I can't find my R2D2 figure though, I think my kids might have borrowed him.

Sunset in the windows

I shot this image from the helicopter as we prepared to land, the sun is setting in the west and was reflecting in the windows of the homes on the Bountiful bench.

Utah vs SFA

Here are a few photos from the University of Utah and Stephen F. Austin game in Portland Oregon during the second round of the NCAA Tornament.

Water and Light

This is a view from KSL's chopper 5 of an inlet area on the Great Salt Lake, west of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Photos from the past

So, my good friend Matt Gade reminded me that I still have this blog thing to keep up with. I am such a slacker when it come to this at times. I find myself going months without posting anything here. For those that might come looking only to see that I've neglected to post for some time, I am sorry. I hope you enjoy these photos from the past couple months.