A look at Our trip

I hope you don't mind looking at so many, I really enjoyed myself this week.

Color or Black and White

My wife and I decided to take our kids on a little tour of some of the National Parks that are close, We hit Arches, Canyon Lands and Mesa Verde as well as a state park in the for of Dead Horse Point. This image is one that I'm happy with I'm just not sure what I like better, What do you think? I'll be posting a few others from our journey in the next few days.

Saturday afternoon Session of Conference

I know why didn't I include these two together,   Got nothin for ya but here it is.

Saturday Morning Session of Conference

Sister Oaks blowing a kiss to her husband Elder Oaks was my favorite moment of the day.
Here it is and a few others.

Riverton vs Bingham Softball

Mo Williams

I shot this one at the Jazz Nuggets game.

Beaver Help

These beaver are being helped after a diesel fuel spill in Willard Bay.