Mitchell passed away this morning. Our hearts go out to his family at this very difficult time.
It's so amazing how meeting someone for only a short time can effect your life, but that's how I feel having had that opportunity with Mitchell and his family.
This experience has made me look at my life and those around me and cherish them even more.

Mitchell Jones

There are not words to say how impressed I was meeting this family. The love and support that they share with each other is nothing short of inspiring.
Mitchell is suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, each day is a struggle as he battles.
I was so impressed with him and his family who do everything they can to make his world comfortable.

Calvary Chapel, Night of Music

I've covered this event twice and both times I've had to leave early because of other assignments.
They have so much fun and make you feel so welcome, I really enjoy myself every time I'm with them.

Utah vs Washington State Women's B-ball

5A Girls Basketball Championship

Riverton and Layton played.

4A Girls Basketball Championship

Timpview and Springville played.

Provo Tabernacle

The LDS Church is doing work on the old Provo Tabernacle that burned and it will be converted into a Temple.
This was just amazing to me to see how the shell of the building is being supported by large supports.
From the street you can't tell that it is in the position that it is and I just loved walking around making photos of it.

Utah vs Arizona Men's Basketball

Jazz vs Thunder