Way cool day!!

So, today was one of those days that starts out just about like any other, I had an assignment to shoot a ground breaking of a new health care facility, and ended with me flying 7 hours to the south Utah into what is some of the most amazing scenes I've seen in years.
We were sent to try and get images of a group of 5 hikers from Colorado who had been reported overdue from a multi-day hike. We were about an hour from getting to the location when we got word that they hand been found and were being taken off the mountain. Our editors wanted us to keep going and get locator images and video of the area. During the flight we past Canyonlands National monument and these are some of what I was able to capture both on the way and some on the way home.
I hope you like them, I only wish I hadn't had to shoot into the sun. But hey, not many get this view of this area like this.

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Mark Johnston said...

All I want for Christmas is a print of #7.