Al and Me

Salt Lake Tribune Photographer Al Hartman and I were together with other members of the media on a tour of the Wood Hollow Fire in Sanpete County. The tour wasn't really much help in seeing what the fire had done so Al and I made the best of it.
Here is the link to the fire gallery, I've added a few images to it. Gallery

More fire

We are going to burn up this year, things are so dry and it seems like everyday another fire is reported.
Yesterday I was driving to my office when I got a call asking how long it would take me to get to the hanger, it took me 35 minutes. We took off and covered a small fire that had started at a salvage auto sales business and then spread to some grassy areas towards a couple other businesses.
We landed and I got in my car to drive to the office and got another call to get back in the chopper and head south to Alpine for another fire. I drove in a circle around the hanger and got back in and spent the rest of the afternoon flying.
We shot photos and video for several hours and then I switched out and drove back down and shot some photos from the ground.

DC10 Air attack tanker

Today I got to photograph a plane that I've wanted to see in action for I don't know how long. We were sent down to a the Shingle Fire burning east of Cedar City Utah in the Dixie National forest.
We got on scene in the Helicopter and were given clearance into the (TFR) Temporary Flight Restriction and started working, shooting helicopter water drops, retardant drops from heavy aircraft and other images of the fire fighting activity. We got word that they were expecting a DC10 out of Phoenix to make another large retardant drop but we were running light on fuel so be headed for Cedar City hoping to be able to get some images and video of it dropping. We made it back and on scene about 30 minutes before they expected Tanker 911 back, we asked for permission to land and wait so we weren't burning fuel for nothing and were able to land and wait for the tanker to arrive.
I've got a few photos from on the ground also that are kinda cool looking up at the smoke billowing high into the sky before we lifted off that are here for you to look at.

I hope you don't mind so many images, I'm just having fun with all this work the last week and a half.

Apartment fire

Seems like this month has been one fire after the other, We were headed out to do more aerials in Herriman when we got a call to shoot an apartment fire, here are a few from that.

USA vs Canada Womens Soccer

In between fire coverage I was able to shoot this match between these two really great teams. I was only able to shoot the second half but I think I got some good images.
I hope the US can do well in London.

Aerials from the Herriman fire

Here are a few Aerial photos of the aftermath of the Rose Crest Fire in Herriman.