Good Neighbors

This is a great story of a good man helping out where it's needed.

Easter Pets

The thing about Easter pets is that they grow up. I know allot of people have said this but I'm going to do it again. If you could just keep them small forever that would be great.

No Ball

I wish the ball had been in this frame during the high school all-star game last week.

Brighton vs Copper Hills boys soccer

Man, I've been shooting a ton of soccer the last few weeks.

Layton vs Weber Boys soccer

Pretty good game, lots of Photos.

Rape victim

This was a really hard interview, the daughter was a victim of rape when she was 15 years old and the defendant's first parole hearing was coming up and she was planning on speaking at it.
I was so impressed with her and how she is fighting to regain control of her life so many years after. Her mother is doing everything she can to help and support her.