Sitting in the back of the chopper on the way back north from Southern Utah, I thought I'd try and make some fun images of what was around. I liked the textures in these.

Jazz vs Nuggets

I really thought that the Jazz would lose, but man was I wrong. They blew Denver away!

East vs West Boys Soccer

This was a really physical game as High school games go, West scored two goals to go up and the game ended 3-2 for West.
Lots of no calls that in my opinion needed to be called just to keep it under control but that went for not.
It's amazing every time I cover a sport of any type how crazy the coaches can get, and that then turns the players into crazies themselves. Don't get me wrong I'm as competitive as the next guy but sometimes they go way over board.

Ms. Basketball

Had the opportunity to meet and photograph Syracuse's Brittney Martin last week. She was named as the Deseret News' Ms. Basketball for this past year. I was very impressed with this young lady she and her friends were a lot of fun.

City Creek

Well, it's finally open after several years of planning demolition and construction this giant indoor/outdoor mall is open in downtown Salt Lake City.

Cool old house

I was sent to make a few photos of this historical house in the Holladay area of Salt Lake this morning,  I guess there is some dispute as to what should be done with it. I think it's a pretty cool old building.

What is going on?

Two days in a row now I've covered a murder suicide, yesterday I was on my way home from the dentist on my day off when a message from my office prompted me to call in and respond to a scene where a mother had killed her 18 year old daughter and then tried to kill herself and failed, the mother is reported in satisfactory condition tonight.
Today There was another way south near St. George that we took the chopper down for where a mother her young daughter and live in boy friend died.

What's the deal with this? I know that these things happen but for what reason? I really hate this stuff, why do people have to go to such lengths when there are problems especially involving a young child.
Sorry to get all that way with this one but for some reason this has gotten to me.