Sawdust fire

After shooting the Gymnastics I was sent out to get some aftermath photos of a large fire that had burned 4 businesses and damaged a 5th. I wasn't really sure what I might find because I was coming several hours after the initial calls but that's how it goes sometimes. I was able to come up with a few nice frames. The owner of Pioneer Sawdust and his executive assistant were very worried about their business info that was stored in an old safe that was built by the owners great grandfather and were very surprised and grateful to fire fighters for their work when they found all their files and info safe inside.

Cool little lady

I had the opportunity to meet and photograph a really cool little lady this week, she is just 14 and is a heart transplant recipient, she was making a comeback so to speak and competing in a gymnastics competition. This was a really cool assignment for me to be a part of.

Utah vs Oregon

Utah lost again this time to Oregon. I thought they might be able to pull this one out but lost control in the final minutes.

Weather from the Helicopter

Went up in the helicopter again last week, I love going up and seeing things from that perspective.

Utah vs BYU Gymnastics

It's just amazing to me how these ladies perform in these events, I couldn't even come close to doing what they do.

Alzheimer's disease

I was sent up to the Capitol for an Alzheimer's disease rally, This is such a horrible disease for the things it does to people.

Music Teacher

This teacher was so much fun, it made me want to go back to elementary.

2012 Utah Legislature opening day

Here are some photos from the opening day.

Jazz vs Timberwolves

Here are a couple photos I liked from the game.