What is going on?

Two days in a row now I've covered a murder suicide, yesterday I was on my way home from the dentist on my day off when a message from my office prompted me to call in and respond to a scene where a mother had killed her 18 year old daughter and then tried to kill herself and failed, the mother is reported in satisfactory condition tonight.
Today There was another way south near St. George that we took the chopper down for where a mother her young daughter and live in boy friend died.

What's the deal with this? I know that these things happen but for what reason? I really hate this stuff, why do people have to go to such lengths when there are problems especially involving a young child.
Sorry to get all that way with this one but for some reason this has gotten to me.


Marcus Vickers said...

I suspect it's the economy and general diminishing of quality of life. It's a fact that mental and emotional issues rise as life gets harder. With more and more people out of work or being affected by those that are, the more we'll see things like depression and anxiety disorders rise.

SGW said...

I suspect that in some ways you are right, It's just hard when people involve young children in their stupidity.
It's not good when it's adults but kids bring in a whole other thing.
I've seen so much of this over my time at the paper I guess I'm getting old or something.

Lyndee Wilkerson said...

Your age isn't a factor, Scott; it's the Spirit which you make a home for in your heart that helps you to ache for what Lucifer creates in this world. I cannot wait until Christ comes again...to put a stop to all the evil. My heart breaks and I want to weep for all the heartache and suffering that is so prevelant. Keep your heart open, Scotty; it helps you take amazing, emotional pictures that we can feel and experience.