Red-tailed Hawk and Jet

I was covering a story in Ogden the other day and looked up just in time to see this Red-tailed Hawk just about to cross paths with a passenger jet flying higher up.

Woods Cross vs Layton

Shot the Woods Cross vs Layton game last week great game with Woods Cross winning by one point 53-52.
These are the best to cover, all sorts of emotions running around.

Smog in the mountains

I was flying with KSL in their chopper a couple days ago and we shot a few images of the inversion that has set in along the Wasatch Front.

South Sevier beats Fremont

This is one of the David vs Goliath stories, little school comes up against the big school and little guy whips boy guy.
I always like the underdogs when they can fight to the top and show the big guys that they can play ball also.

Utah State vs Utah Valley University

I covered the Utah State Utah Valley University basketball game a few nights ago, I always like shooting instate games for the very reason that both teams go all out for the win.

Wind Storm Cleanup

We had a really bad wind storm hit areas along the Wasatch front a week or so back these photos are of the clean up.
It's always so cool to see how people band together to get a task done after an emergency like this.
People sometimes make me mad, but it's times like these that really make me smile as I observe.