Train accident

Last Saturday three young girls from Utah County were taking photos near the railroad tracks when two trains passed hitting and killing two of them. These are such sad stories and it's very hard to cover them.

Hockey Season

The best thing about this, is that baseball season is just about gone.

Piano restoration

Orem High School is having a 100+ year old Steinway Grand piano restored, they have been saving money for years to be able to have the work done.

Hikers rescued

Got a call late one night last week that there was a group of hikers lost on the Mt. Olympus Trail. This is Search and Rescue members talking about the best way to get up to them and then how to get them down.

Way up there

A welder walks on a beam high up on a building in Farmington.

Goal celebration

East soccer players celebrate a goal in their first round game against Timpview.

Buddist Temple

This is one of those weird stories, this group is fighting to get back their temple from a monk that they asked to hold their title on the temple but now he is evicting them. It's a very complicated story so I wont and can't get into it in this forum.


State Championships