More lightning

A lighting storm that moved across the Great Salt Lake and then turned north. I know, I already posted some. Well those of you who don't know me will learn that storms get me going I just have to chase them.
It is now 2:25 AM I better get to bed.

Little Lightning storm

We had a small lightning storm move over us tonight, I was in Salt Lake and the storm for the most part was over Provo. I got some ok images but the best bolts were down south.


I was at a house fire this afternoon and across the street from the fire was this cool Mailbox, so here it is.

Cool older home in Salt lake

I was at a gas line break on the 4th of July and passed this older home that caught my eye.

My favorites of 2010

I wanted to do this several months ago and just got lost in life and work, but here are a bunch of my favorites from last year. Gallery

New sign

After many months there is finally a sign marking where we work. We've been at the Triad Center for 6-7 months now and we finally have our sign.
Mike Terry and I were tasked at getting photos of the installation process, Mike's shift ended so I took over for the rest of the afternoon. It was fun getting up in the cherry picker over 120 feet in the air for some cool angles.

Out and about

I tried to post these a week or two ago but for some reason I couldn't connect to blogger. So here they are finally.