Holi - Festival of Color

I had so much fun today, I've wanted to shoot this event for years but haven't had the chance. It was so much fun.
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HB 477 Repealed

Spent most of the day Friday covering a special session of the Legislature as they debated on HB477 dealing with Government Records Access and Management Act or GRAMA. At the end of the day they repealed it, but they will be back in the months to come with something else.

Lazz Hornets

Well, the Jazz fought for most of the game, But at the last didn't have what it took to win against the Hornets.
Coach Tyrone Corbin shows his feelings as well.
If you are wondering the photo of the the guy on the floor, it's David West after injuring his Knee after the Dunk photo.

Viewmont vs Fremont Boys Soccer

I shot the Viewmont and Fremont boys soccer game, I sometimes just feel off at sports events and this was one of them.

Wasatch Walk out

It's been a few days sorry to those who might be checking every few days.
These are from Heber where a large portion of the student body at Wasatch High walked out in support of a teacher who is in trouble for being to rough with a kid who was disrupting his class.

BYU Gonzaga NCAA

I didn't really think that BYU would win that game. I thought that it would be a close game with Gonzaga coming out on top by somewhere around 5 or 6. I'm surprised that they played as good as they did. It was a great time being part of it.

Enjoy the photos, there are a whole bunch more in the gallery section so go check it out.