Candle light vigil, rescue and soccer

Here are images from a candle light vigil for a little girl that was killed by her father and stepmother. A rescue of a hiker in Bell's Canyon, he had fallen off a water fall and broken several bones and almost drowned, but was saved by other hikers that happened by at the right moment. They held him up out of the water keeping him from drowning.
And an image from a Real Salt Lake Soccer game.


Ya know one of the best things about my job is that on occasion I get to got watch people blow things up. Yesterday I was able to go out to Camp Williams and watch Agents from the ATF as they conducted an explosives class to a group of local law enforcement officers. There is just something awesome about things that go BOOM!!!


I know I'm not the first or the last to shoot this photo but I thought it was fun. I was up at Red Butte Gardens a couple days ago doing a story about kids and nature.