New Harmony Fire

A few days ago I got an E-mail from a gentleman with the BLM, he wanted to get permission to use some of my photos from a 2005 wild fire near St. George Utah in and around a small town call New Harmony. This was for me one of the most exciting three days of my life, I chased fire day and night and came away with some of coolest images I've ever taken. These are just a few, and sorry for the totally stopped plane props. I don't think I've posted any of these before if I have please forgive me.

And I have to admit I'm looking forward to this year, I really get into the chase.



I was on assignment this morning in City Creek Canyon, I was suppose to photograph a helicopter spraying for thistle, well I didn't get any photos of the spraying due to the wind and rain that came over the mountains. But I did get some photos of some flowers and a Magpie.