Jazz game tonight

Tom Smart and I are shooting the Jazz, Nuggets playoff game 3 tonight. I'll post a few after the game or tomorrow.
Hope it's a good one.


My family and I just got home tonight from our vacation for the year, we had a great time but we are very glad to be home. You'd think that I might have a ton of photos to post on the blog, well I do have a TON of photos but not many for the blog. I shot just over 6700 photos in the last 9 days. And you might think how could I not find something to post like some of my kids or something like that well, I'll tell you I don't post photos of my family on any site or blog its a thing I have. but here is one from San Diego.

I do have to admit I haven't really looked through the entire trip I do have a few others but this is one that my oldest daughter (9) likes.