Cut log close-up

This caught my eye on a drive in the mountains.


This guy just a few minutes before, saved his friend from dieing in an avalanche near Brighton Ski resort. They were out of bounds skiing when it happened, the friend was under about four feet of snow when he was found and pulled out. Both are doing fine.
I still don't know why the rush of skiing out of bounds is worth dieing for. My family is way to important to me to do dumb things like that. Everyday life is hard enough why tempt it more.


The University of Utah Gymnastics team took on Georgia Saturday night, here are some photos. I can't figure out how they can do those routines. I'd be broken in so many ways if I tried what they do.

Nukes in Utah

Here are a few images from a group of Quakers talking with Nuclear weapons expert/lobbyist David Culp at a recent meeting about testing.