Oil Spill brides

The paper did a story about how the oil spill affected weddings in the area. I was assigned to shoot a few photos of a 50th wedding anniversary at the Garden Park Ward. The couple had wanted to get married in the gardens at the church 50 years ago but changed their minds at the last moment. The wife had always been sad that it didn't happen and at times had said so. Their kids decided to have their anniversary there but in order to have an event at the gardens a person needs to live within the area, so the kids arranged to get an apartment for their parents to live in so they could qualify. All was going good until the spill and it looked like they weren't going to be able to have the party after all but again at the last moment the clean up took care of the area in and around the garden and all was just fine.

There Now you can see why I don't write that much on my blog. You have just witnessed a first for me.

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Lyndee W. said...

I'm glad you gave a background on the photo...it makes the shot that much more precious!