My family and I just got home tonight from our vacation for the year, we had a great time but we are very glad to be home. You'd think that I might have a ton of photos to post on the blog, well I do have a TON of photos but not many for the blog. I shot just over 6700 photos in the last 9 days. And you might think how could I not find something to post like some of my kids or something like that well, I'll tell you I don't post photos of my family on any site or blog its a thing I have. but here is one from San Diego.

I do have to admit I haven't really looked through the entire trip I do have a few others but this is one that my oldest daughter (9) likes.


Patrick Smith said...

wondering where you been, man. Where all did you go?

SGW said...

Hey Patrick,
We did the family with small kids thing. Disney Land, California Adventures, San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios, Sea World, Beach, Mini van loaded to the bursting point, snacks everywhere, tears, travel TV's. The occasional "STOP TOUCHING ME" scream from the back seat. You know, just your average fun on the road with kids.

Patrick Smith said...

Sounds like my childhood. Mom, Dad, my three brothers and me. But driving to Florida, not Cali. Ah, those days are long gone!