Boys Soccer

Here are a few from my first soccer game this season Brighton vs Alta. I have to admit I felt a little off my game today, I hope things go better next time.

Sometimes I can't help letting life get in the way of my shooting photos. You know what I mean?
I feel like I'm out of control and running just trying to catch up.
I can't wait for Spring to take hold on the mountains, I'm tired of the cold and the snow. I don't ski for fun only for work when I'm told I have to go. I just don't enjoy it. Give me a camera or a shop full of saw dust and I'm pretty much taken care of.

Well I hope you like the photos.


Lyndee W. said...

Photo #2 is awesome! I agree, we're done with snow and cold over here too.

Christine said...

Well, you never would have known, I think you got some great shots. I can't say I would be able to stay caught up with high school soccer players either. And you have 10 years on me. Hahaha!!!!

jacqui said...

Great pictures Scott ,one of the boys you photographed happens to be my son,small world .I've been looking through your blog because my daughter inlaw to be Caity Hazel showed me your work ,its truly fantastic work