Jazz Lakers game 4

I didn't shoot game 4 tonight, Jeff and Michael got the call, I get to go see if the Jazz can put together a miracle in LA. on Monday. I'm going back for game 5 witch, "don't tell anyone I said this" isn't going to be pretty.

The Jazz just don't seem to have what Head Coach Jerry Sloan calls "Nasty" about them.
Don't get me wrong, I really am a fan of the team, and I want them to do good, but it's just not the same tough team we've had in years past. Check out our stories on www.deseretnews.com

I hope I don't smack my head on the shower towel rod again, I cut my head open last trip. Lots of blood in the shower.

Jazz Lakers Game 2

These two photos seem to sum up the game last night in LA.

Jazz vs Lakers Game 1

I'm in Los Angeles covering the Jazz and Lakers in the NBA playoffs. Here are a few images from the game.