Wrecks and construction

Hey all, today started out looking like it might be a little slow.
But as is the case in most days, things started popping. At a little after three we got a call that there had been a bad accident in Salt Lake involving two young kids. Apparently two young boys on a scooter didn't stop at a stop light and were hit by a car and a van, killing one of them and sending the second boy to the hospital in critical condition. I got on scene after the boys were gone but the families were still there and I recorded their reactions.

After the accident I had the assignment to cover the bridge construction in the canyon on I-80.
I can't believe the power involved in moving an entire bridge at once and then moving the replacement one in.
I really enjoyed watching this event. The bridge, not the accident.

You know, sometimes I get stories that really touch me. I had one like this with the kidnapping and murder of Hser Ner Moo. I, for some reason was touched more than usual with this little girl and the love her family was shown by police and community. Today the community gathered at the apartments she lived in to dedicate a new center for kids in her name.
Here are a few photos of that event. And a few faces in the crowd.
I hope you enjoy.