I was driving near the Jordan river a few days ago, and just as I passed over the bridge I looked down river and saw a deer standing in the middle of the river. I know that isn't that wonderful or amazing but it was the way the light was hitting the water and the animal. I hurried and pulled over and had to wait for traffic to clear and turned around. By the time I got back to the area, the deer had moved to the shore. I pulled off the road and tried to make my way along the opposite bank to an open area to shoot from. The trees and grasses were too dense for a clean view and I couldn't find the deer I was looking for. I decided to take off, and as I turned, three deer appeared and just looked at me. Not the beautiful sight I had seen in the first place but here are a few photos of them.


Alicia said...

Okay Scott, I just have to ask about the shot of the three deer --- it's so eye catching that I wondered if it was photoshopped to get all three deer together --- but then I know that you take AMAZING PICTURES and probably never NEED Photoshop! I LOVE the pictures!

SGW said...

Thank you, No Photoshop other than normal toning of the image.
They just stood there looking at me.
I'm glad you like them.