I added a small Picasa album for a friend of mine who asked about some old photos I took during the floods of 2005 in St. George, Utah.
If you are interested, click on the photo gallery and it should take you to Picasa, once there click on my name and all my albums will show up, all three of them.

I said that I was going back to the Miller Motor sports park for a race Sunday. It got canceled but I still had two assignments to do. Here are a couple of photos from those. Also, I shot the "So You Think You Can Dance" tour show tonight. Here is one from the beginning of the show.

Have a great night as I'm off to bed.


Christine said...

So rude!! Why wasn't I invited to SYTYCD?

Traci said...

I would have to agree with Christine. I would have loved to go that show. The tickets were crazy expensive here.