Sorry, I missed a few days.

Sorry for not being here. Here are a few photos from the past few days.
This first photo is of Maria Vedales, of the Aztec dance group Ichantzinco Tlaloc. They were practicing at Liberty Park in preperation for the Hispanic Fiesta days.

The next two photos are for a story we are doing on the progress of the fighting Pit bulls that were taken from Michael Vick. The dogs are doing very well. I might post my Sound slides multimedia I did for it later.


Ashley Lowery said...

That top picture is such a beautiful shot of the girl. Job is going great- I'm only on my third day. Don't worry- I won't forget the little people :) (silly scott) How are things over at the DNews?

Mike Terry said...

dig the girl pic too. What do you think that dog is thinking?
"I hope the Falcons don't even make the playoffs."

Drew said...

Scott looking over you past several posts I was impressed. Then again, I expected to be. :) Well done sir.