New Orleans

I'm in New Orleans with Jeff Allred to cover the Sugar Bowl. I'll post a few images as time allows.
We were late leaving Salt Lake yesterday and missed our connection from Atlanta, so we spent the night and got an early flight out this morning. We are both just about done for the day.

Added to gallery

I just added 22 more images to my photo gallery, take a look if you like.

Cathedral Christmas concert

Here is a small audio slide show of the Christmas Concert at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City.

Jazz vs Magic

I shot the Utah Jazz vs the Orlando Magic Saturday night. The Jazz turned the ball over 22 times. They played well in the first and second quarters but fell apart in the 3rd. And in the fourth they couldn't get it back.

Jazz vs Blazers

Last night I shot the Jazz and the Blazers game. It was a late game for TNT.

Coooool weather

Yesterday I stood in the snow and rain for nearly 8 hours at the Federal courthouse in Salt Lake, covering the surrender of the 5 former members of the Blackwater security force who surrendered to authorities.
Here is a small look at the weather, and the defendants as they arrived.

Weber State vs Montana FCS Quarterfinal

Here are a few photos from the game in Missoula yesterday, Montana won 24-13.

Cool sunset

I was on my way to an assignment in Roy yesterday and got there early, so I decided that the sunset needed to by shot. Here are a few.
Right now I'm riding in a car about 70 miles outside of Missoula Montana, Andrew, John, and I are on our way to cover a football game tomorrow. If I get much worth looking at I'll post them.

Bulls beat Jazz

Here are a few photos from the Jazz Bulls game that the Bulls won by one. 101-100

Utah 48 BYU 24

Here are a few images from the Utah-BYU Rivalry game last night. As I said a few days ago, Utah kicked tail. Sorry Jason and Don, congrats Tracy and Vicki.

Utah vs Wisconsin Green Bay

Here are a few images from the University of Utah and Wisconsin Green bay basketball game.


I was driving near the Jordan river a few days ago, and just as I passed over the bridge I looked down river and saw a deer standing in the middle of the river. I know that isn't that wonderful or amazing but it was the way the light was hitting the water and the animal. I hurried and pulled over and had to wait for traffic to clear and turned around. By the time I got back to the area, the deer had moved to the shore. I pulled off the road and tried to make my way along the opposite bank to an open area to shoot from. The trees and grasses were too dense for a clean view and I couldn't find the deer I was looking for. I decided to take off, and as I turned, three deer appeared and just looked at me. Not the beautiful sight I had seen in the first place but here are a few photos of them.

Utah vs TCU

Well, if you look at just the score comparisons of how much TCU beat BYU and then look at the fact that Utah beat TCU 13-10, Utah should blow BYU out on the 22nd.
I don't know, I'm just having a great time covering the games.

BYU vs San Diego State

Here are a few photos from the BYU, San Diego State football game Saturday.
We've had such good weather for shooting this fall, I haven't been frozen once this year, got close last Thursday at the Utah, TCU game but even that wasn't to bad.