Sun Rich 1000

I spent the day out at the Miller Motor Sports Park shooting photos of the Sun Rich 1000 race.
To be honest, I'm not the biggest car racing fan in the world, but it is still fun to be there and see how the drivers work the track and see how fast the cars are. I'm assigned to cover the race tomorrow also, so we'll see what I get.
I have two other assignments besides the race.

A Mother's love

Today myself and reporter Joe Dougherty had the assignment to go and talk with a mother whose son was part of a terrible event in Iraq. I don't know the whole story so I won't comment on it. We had a good talk with Victoria Ramos, of Clearfield, as she talked about her son, Army Spc. Belmor Ramos.
"He is a good boy" she said.
Here is a photo I made of her in her front room.


I liked the way the light was hitting the freeway exit at 600 south in Salt Lake City.
It also helped that this guy decided to walk past in the crosswalk.

Lehi vs Timpanogos Girls Soccer

You know, I get asked what my favorite thing is to shoot. I don't really know how to answer that. I really like almost everything, but I do like girls prep soccer. Those girls just get after it. I may get some criticism for this, but I like shooting the girls more than the boys. Mostly because the boys all want to look like pros as they play, and the girls just want to play. At least that's what I see most of the time.

Also, I added some photos to the photo gallery. Check it out.