BYU Washington Game action

I know somebody will probably say that BYU got lucky, well, they did but they still had to block the kick. The whole game was full of all kinds of situations that might of gone another way. It was a fun game to cover.
I would love to come up here and spent a week making photos. I wish I could have had the time to make a few images around the area. Seattle is so beautiful. On the drive back to the hotel I must have seen 50 different possibilities for photos.
Here are a few photos from the game. Check out the Deseret News site for the complete game story.

Game Day

A couple of hours prior to kick off between BYU and Washington here is the look of things.

Not yet

Sorry, not much yet today. I'm in Seattle Washington for the BYU/Washington football game Saturday. I have a Mormon Times assignment for tonight, but I hope to get some other images.
Tomorrow should be a fun day. Does anybody have a prediction? Here is the view from my hotel room window for now.

Great Salt Lake

I went out to the Great Salt Lake this afternoon. Here are a few of the photos I made.
I'd like to have been there at sunset but I had an assignment in Magna at that time. Maybe another day.


I had an assignment to photograph the Mormon mile race at This is the Place Heritage State Park. I then went on a ride along with the new Cottonwood Heights Police department.
I got absolutely soaked at the race and just about froze. For the first day of September it was cold.
On the way to the ride along. I found these two guys splashing in the water at Murray High.